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Real estate of Slovenia

There is a wide range of property for renting and buying in Slovenia. It is very easy to find an attractive villa or a detached house in Slovenia. Despite all the bans the amount of property in Slovenia is constantly growing. However Slovenian real estate may be purchased by a foreigner only if he/she acts as a legal body. In order to buy real estate in this country one has to own a company that is engaged in purchasing real estate in Slovenia and the authorized capital of this company must be not less than 10 000 EUR. The company must be engaged into some kinds of business activities and pay taxes. 

Execution of purchase and sale transactions connected with real estate purchasing is registered in the State Real Estate Cadastre.

One can purchase real estate in Slovenia as an individual person only if he/she is the citizen of the USA or one of the EU countries.


Land property according to the Constitution of Slovenia, may pass into ownership of a foreign citizen only if he/she has come into inheritance of it.

In general making investments into Slovenian real estate is very profitable. Taking into account the price of the residential buildings the additional profit is very high. The prices for the real estate are constantly growing and the investors can also reckon on getting comfortable income from the onward sale of the previously purchased residential buildings and houses.

The income from the real estate can be also increased by making investments into decoration or modernization of the purchased building. In case with the land property one can get additional profit having built residential houses or commercial real estate objects on the territory of the land and by renting or selling it.





The annual price advance of the real estate in Slovenia is about 10%. Even in 2009 when the world suffered the economical crisis Slovenia wasn’t considerably affected by it. The real estate and land property prices in Slovenia as well as in any other country depend on the area, location, technical properties, landscaped space and square area of the sold real estate or land property. The most expensive real estate is located in Ljubljana and at the coastline but the prices are still lower than in Moscow or Kiev. In general the real estate market in Slovenia offers a great number of different property.

In Ljubljana and Maribor 1 m2 costs around 1500 – 3000 EUR. A comfortable flat in these cities costs around 100 000 – 200 0000 EUR while in the suburb the price of a small detached house with two bedrooms and a few hectares of land covered with the vineyards is about 80 000 EUR.

If you want to own some real estate in Central Europe Slovenia is the best country to do it. There is a great number of advantages that this beautiful country offers.

Slovenia is a country of unspoiled and intact nature. It is ranked among 15 world most environmentally friendly countries and is one of the most “woody” countries in Europe. The country astonishes by its picturesque landscapes such as Triglav National Park with the famous Julian Alps. Here real estate is more expensive compared to the other areas of the country but less expensive in contrast with the Alpine regions of Switzerland, France, Italy and Austria.


People who are interested in less expensive offers can take a look at the southern and eastern parts of the country. Karst, Goriška Brda and the regions bordering on Italy covered with vineyards are more than attractive for making investments into the resort real estate.

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