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Bled is a fashionable resort, is situated at the distance of forty kilometers from the Slovenian capital Ljublana, at the bank of the Bled lake. In the winter season you can spend time here skating, in summer – swimming. This place became famous in the middle centuries. This small town attracts a lot of tourists. There is a quite developed tourist infrastructure. This never impacted the nature in the neighborhood.


The main attraction of the resort is the glacier lake Bled, fed by warm springs (temperature of water rises up to +24). There are also other places of interest in the vicinity, you can take a look at the Castle of Bled (Grad), built in XIII-XVI centuries – the residence of the former Briksen bishop. Nowadays you will find there a museum and a very nice restaurant. You will be pleased to visit the Assumption Church, St Martin Church (1905), to walk near the ravines of Vingar and Pokljuka, to take a look at the “Bell of Wishes” on the island-church, St Mark Church in Vrb, to visit the residence of marshal Tito “Hotel Vila”




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