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The resort of Bohinj is a ski resort and is situated in the vicinity with the lake Bohinj, the biggest lake in the country (length – 4 km, area – 328 hectare). The resort is located at the height of 525 m above the sea level, the zone where you can ski is serviced by 30 elevators and is located between 570 m and 1800 m above the sea level.


The ski region of Bohinj includes several ski centers , such as Kobla, Vogel, Sorishka Planina.

The Vogel Plateau (1569 – 1800 m) is famous for a “long snow” (the plateau is covered with snow from December till April). There is a cable car and 8 elevators. The total length of the ski tracks is 36 km. The longest one is 7,5 km, one is with height amplitude of 1200 m. There is illuminated track for those who ski in the evening. There is a track for flat skiing (15 km).



The ski resort of Kobla is situated at the distance of twelve kilometers from Bohinj (height 550 m – 1480 m). There are six elevators, the total lengths of ski tracks is more than twenty kilometers. The longest one is 2,5 km, the max height amplitude is 750 m. The length of the track for flat skiing is six kilometers. You will find here a skating-rink and equipment for artificial snow.


The resort Sorishka Planina is situated at the distance of fifteen kilometers from Bohinj, at thet height between 1280 and 1549 m. There eight downhill ski tracks, three elevators, a three-kilometer track for flat skiing.


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