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Cele is the third Slovenian city, a developed administrative, cultural and sport center of the country. The modern town which had its roots in the medieval time is trying not to lose its medieval colour, the memory of the ancient history is being safely kept.

The town of Cele is situated at the place where three rivers flow into each other: Lozhnica, Savinja, Voglajna. On the hill beside the Cele Castle was erected.


If you walk right through the town street, it will be impossible to miss that there are a lot of various ancient buildings in the town, ancient castle walls, town halls, palaces, that will turn your mind back to the history, that helps to feel the medieval spirit of the place.

While you are in Cele, you will be pleased to visit the places of interest, e.g. St Cecilia Church , St Maria Church, St Daniil Chapel, Narodni Domk, Lower Castle (Spodni Grad), Town Hall, Capuchins bridge, Earl’s Palace (nowadays the local history museum) and a big tempel, St Melchior Church.



If you decide to take a look at the Cele neighbourhood, then we want to advise you to visit a place called Shempeter with a Roman Necropolis and a lot of sepulchral constructions of the ancient times. Yo can also visit nature reserves, a wonderful water-fall Rinka (height of 90 m) in Dolina Logarska, different sport constructions. If you are interested, you can go fishing, the Slovenian lakes and rivers are exceptionally pure.


Your stay in Cele will help you discover a lot of interesting things: customs, bases, principles of local inhabitants, religious and cultural peculiarities, historical and archaeological monuments. You will be pleased to taste the local cuisine, visit locals shops, to get to know locals. Undoubtedly you will remember this town. The photos you take in Cele will bring you bach to Slovenia.



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