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The resort of Cerkno is a real paradise for lovers of downhill skiing. Here you will see the Idrijca river, this river is considered to be one of the cleanest rivers in Slovenia. You can find a lot of villages on the banks of the river. Visiting them will give you the picture of Slovenian hospitality and cultural peculiarities of the country in general.


From the mountains near Cerkno you can have such a breath-taking view that you will be impressed for sure. There are fifteen km of down-hill ski slopes that are covered with snow during the whole winter season. The mountains are good enough just for walking excursions – there a lot of natural treasures hidden in the ravines you must see. In one of the ravines there was guerilla hospital “Franja”, the hospital was organized in 1943. At the moment there is a museum in this building, that will remind you of liberation movement of that time.



The main ski-center “Cerkno” (the highest point is 1291 m above the sea level) is situated 10 km from the town. This center is an ideal one for the beginners: experience instructors, new equipment. This will help you to master in this particularly wonderful sport. Within the territory of the resort you can find a ski track for ski racing (1550 m), restaurant, ski school and equipment rental agency.

The season begins in the middle of December and ends in February.


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