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The resort of Dobrna is situated at the height of 375 m above the sea level, in eighty five km from the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. The resort is famous for its thermal springs (+ 36 C) with the water rich in magnesium and calcium hydrogen carbonate, turf applications and mud.


This very spring is known since 1147, but Dobrna got its bloom only in the 18-19th centuries. Nowadays there are wonderful conditions for peaceful rest in Dobrna. The tourists can visit two indoors swimming pools, solarium, sauna, bicycles rental, hunting, fishing, walking in the woods (with picking berries).

There is a sports complex where you can find tennis courts and running tracks. There are all the possible conditions for the lovers of bowling, table tennis and chess. If you are interested you can start learning horse-riding. The Shmartin Lake is situated at the distance of 15 km from the resort. There in the summer season you can go yachting, in winter – skating and skiing.



The main specialization of the resort is – urology, gynaecology, oncology, postoperational rehabilitation, mastopathy, vascular disorders, problems of micro blood circulation, psychoneurosis, and neurology diseases. The modern clinical methods are being used, e.g. laser therapy, acupuncture, vacuum therapy.


Basing on the separate patient the medical programme is prepared. The combination of physiotherapy and balneology procedures with laser therapy allows accomplishing the maximal result. Natural factors are used too, e.g. thermal and mud baths. There is a contraindication to the treatment within the resort for the pregnant women and for the people suffering from the oncological diseases in the state of inflammatory process.


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