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The place where the wonderful resort of Idrija is situated was populated since the ancient times. Idrija is considered to be the oldest town in the whole republic. Idrija is famous for its bobbin weaving traditions, it is imposiible to miss Idrijan laces. When in Idrija you are to visit its famous palace Geverkeneg. Now the palace is used for Town Museum, in 1997 is recognized as the best technical museum in the whole Europe. Among the places to see you can find the Trinity Church (1500), Art Gallery which is situated in the building of an old Granary (1770), Wild Lake (Divzhe Ezero) and the oldest European mercurial mines.



The resort specializes in the treatment of the following diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, poker back (Strümpell’s disease), posttraumatic and post-operational recovery, disorders of peripheral nervous system, disorders of central nervous system, caused by the toxic substances poisoning.



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