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The famous legend about Jason’s trip for Golden Fleece is closely connected to the Slovenian capital – the city of Ljublana. Jason stole this treasure from Ait, the King of Kolkhida, took refuge at the mouth of the Danube river. Then he and the Argonauts reached the place where they could beat the Dragon. Right on that place the town was to be built, and that is the Slovenian capital.


Ljublana (328000 inhabitants) is not the biggest city in Europe, but a very beautiful one. The city is situated on the both banks of the Ljublanitsa river. The Old City is famous for its castle (11th century) and the buildings of that time. Small streets of Ljublana, mostly pedestrian zone of the city, go well together with all the exclusive boutiques and cafés. That produces local colour of the southern Slavic town.


The life of Ljublana is full of events: every years jazz festivals take place here in the capital of Slovenia, different concerts, international festivals with participation of the world-known people. The exhibitions of national and international art are to be found in the art galleries and museums of the city of Ljublana.


When in Ljublana you will want to visit a lot of places of interest:

Castle (IХ—ХІХ cent.) is located right above the old city. From there you have a beautiful panoramic view of the whole city and the vicinity. After the Castle had been constructed, it was constantly rebuilt. Reconstruction is still ongoing at the moment. Here you will find a Gothic St Jury Chapel (the 15th century), it is still in a good shape.


The City Square in the center of the old Ljublana (the right bank of the river Ljublanica) where Town Hall (1484) is located, built in the baroque style. The city Council sits in this building nowadays. The Three Rivers fountain is right in front of the Town Hall (1752)


St Nicolaus Cathedral (1707) was built according to the project of the Italian architect Andrea dell Pozzo. All the interiors are decorated by the Italian masters except for the altar, this decoration was done by the prominent Slovenian master J. Plechnik.


Bishop’s palace (ХVI-XVIII cent. ) is connected with the Cathedral via closed gallery. Three Bridges — three bridges over the river in the shape of a fen, according to the project oof J. Plechnik. The Franciscanian Church (1660 год) is located next to the Three Bridges at the Presherna Square (the left bank of the Ljublanica river).


St Jacob Church (1615), Ursula church (XVIII век), St Florian Church (1672 год) and others.

Palaces of Ljublana: Governor’s Palace (the mail building of the University is in there), Kazin’s Palace, Gruber’s Palace and others. The former Napoleon’s Square is called nowadays The French Revolution Square (1963-1975 years). The Tivoli Palace in the park with the same name.



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