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Moravske Toplice


The resort of Moravske Toplice is situated in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia, Two hundred km from Ljubljana, just right on the Austrian-Hungarian border. The resorted is situated in a very wonderful peaceful place where vast plains covered with forests meet vineyard green hills. The resort is distinguished by the mild Mediterranean climate with dry hot summer.


There are perfect conditions to get some rest and thermomineral water treatment in Moravske Toplice. The resort specializes in the treatment of the following: musculoskeletal system diseases, rheumatism, posttraumatic conditions, chronic diseases of lungs and skin. As far the medical procedures are concerned, the following are being used in this resort: hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy, cinesitherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, acupuncture, massage, pearl bath.



The lovers of the active rest can find the swimming-pools with thermomineral water, golf lawns, tennis courts, badminton, volleyball, basketball, sport and fitness center with a sauna inside, if you want to get acquainted with the vicinity you can always rent a bicycle.


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