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Piran is an old sea-port town in Slovenia, is situated on the Piran Peninsula between Piran and Srunjan bays. Piran has a status of a museum-town. Every year thousands of tourists come to Piran to look at numerous historical monuments, to go along the paved streets where houses are built so close one to another, to visit the Oval Square in the centre of which a monument to Giuseppe Tartini (famous composer) is erected. In 1992 Slovenia celebrated the 300th birthday of this wonderful violinist, theorist and teacher of music.


Once Piran belonged to the Republic of Venice. That influenced the architecture of the town . The Slovenians call this town a Venice in miniature. There are no modern buildings in Piran, all the architecture refers to the colourful time of the Middle ages.


There are a lot of architectural monuments in Piran, e.g. famous Giuseppe Tartini Square, church with a tower with view of the whole town and the Bay of Triest, remains of fortress wall and several beautiful bridges.


The town does not sleep all day long, the inhabitants of Portoroz and other neighbouring towns, a lot of tourists like to spend their time in numerous cafés and restaurants. There is a stony town beach in Piran, the sea here is quite deep, but water is exceptionally pure.



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