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The resort of Radency is one of the best among the Slovenian institutions providing treatment for cardiovascular diseases. The treatment is based on the local mineral water discovered in the beginning of the XIX century.


This resort is situated at the height of 208 m above the sea-level in the middle of vineyards and wheat fields, nearby the Moor river and the Austrian and Hungarian border. Distance from Ljubljana is 180 km, from Austrian Graz – 90 km.


Karel Henn, a student of an academy of medicine, discovered a thermal spring (temperature of water is +41C) in 1833. He analyzed the water and found out that it was rich in carbon dioxide and sodium hydrogen carbonate. Henn returned to Radency in 1869 as a famous doctor and filled the first bottle of mineral water. This water was highly appreciated at Austrian King’s Court in Vienna and by Roman Pontiff in Vatican. In the year of 1882 the first tourist came to Radency.


In June 1996 the modern medical center was built. Here a lot of diseases are being treated: e.g., cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorder, rheumatism, musculoskeletal system disorders. Use of the mineral water, thermal baths, compresses of the local mud are used of the therapy methods.



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