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Rogashka Slatina

The resort of Rogashka Slatina is situated in the mountains covered by beautiful forests at the height of 228 m above the sea-level. According to one of numerous legends Pegasus kicked his hoof and right on that place a mineral water spring appeared. This spring is rich in magnesium and the water is so pure that you will not find another one in Europe with water cleaner than here.


The resort specializes in balneotherapy and clinical nutrition. There are 15 experts in the resort staff, among them: dermatologist, urologist, breast physician, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, dentist, and expert in the field of plastic surgery. The special attention is drawn to the diabetics. There is a possibility to do a ultrasonic examination of the spinal cord, cardiovascular and gastroenterological diagnostics. There are contra-indications for those who suffer from kidney diseases.




Cosmetic Center Rogashka Slatina offers the programmes for cellulite removal, the whole complex of procedures for body health improvement, skin rejuvenation. Medical aromatherapy is widely applied, the special centre for it has its own building , this center is connected to all othe centers with the help of passages. There are different opportunities for lovers of active rest and sport: outdoor and indoor tennis courts, golf ground for nine holes, children playground. You can visit swimming-pools with usual and thermal water in “Donat” hotel, for extra-fee you can visit Turkish and Finnish saunas.


Besides you can find a lot of shops, restaurants, and cafés in Rogashka Slatina, if you are good at gambling games, you are welcome at the local casino. From this very nice resort you can start an excursion through the whole country.

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