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Strunjan is a small Slovenian town which is situated in the South-West from Ljubljana. On the Adriatic coast. This is is one of the most famous resorts surrounded by parks, orchards, and vineyards, specializing in posttraumatic and postoperational rehabilitation. The resort complex is hidden in a small quiet peaceful place, the rhythm of life here is unworried. The medical centers of Strunjan are concentrated on the local natural factord – sea water, sea mud, and special microclimate for this part of Slovenia. The following diseases are being successfully treated: chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, musculoskeletal system disorders, neurological and skin diseases.


The modern medical center is to e found in the infrastructure of the resort , the center is perfectly equipped with a diagnostics department, “Sauna World” (infrared sauna, aromasauna, Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna), thalassotherapy center, indoors and outdoors swimming-pool, cosmetic saloon, fitness center, tennis courts, children’s club, beach. In addition to the medical programs there are common programs for cleansing and rejuvenation of your organism.



The lovers of nature will find a lot of places of interest in Strunjan – Postoin cave is worth of seeing, Shkocian Caves, those are included in the world legacy list of UNESCO. You can also go to the stud farm in the town of Lipica, there you have chance to take a look at trotters and the elite horses. All the possible excursions, volleyball, basketball, or just observing the local landscape are the perfect addition to the treatment you will get in this wonderful resort.


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