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Terme Rogashka


Terme Rogashka is a very picturesque resort which is situated 228 m above the sea-level in a mountain valley. The common ecological situation and purity of air in particular make people say that you will not breathe in Terme Rogashka, you will drink this air.


Since 1985 Terme Rogashka is the world center of gastroenterology. This will not surprise anyone because this place is famous for treatment of digestive system diseases more than 400 years. During all these years a lot of people visited Terme Rogashka, among of them European celebrities and average tourists.

This resort competes with Czech Karlovy Vary, and can be better than the Czech resort to some extent. This is an opinion of the people who get traditionally treatment in Czech republic and then try Slovenia to check the cure possibilities of the local resorts.



Ski tracks begin at the height of 1517 m above the sea level. Despite this relative low location the place is a very impressive one, surrounded by the wonderful pine woods that can not but please the tourists. You can find here shops, a restaurant, disco, equipment rental agency and cloakrooms.

There is thermal spring Srok Zreche on the summon of the mountain. There you can relax after extreme skiing and snow-boarding. The water in this spring is helpful for ones with rheumatism, neuralgias, is good for treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system.



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