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Shmarjezhke Toplice


Shmarjezhke Toplice is a resort situated eighty km from Ljubljana, 169 m above the sea level.

This resort is a wonderful place for rest in any season of the year. It is situated in a very peaceful place with exceptionally pure air, mild alpine climate and own termal spring (temperature of the water is +32 C) which is rich in magnesium, calcium and carbon dioxide. This spring may not be used by the people who suffer from oncological diseases and pregnant women.


The resort is equipped with the modern diagnostic equipment. The resort specializes in treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, arthrosis, neurosis, neuralgia, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue, recovery of musculoskeletal system.

Shmarjzhke Toplice offers balneotherapy, mud therapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, massages, clinical nutrition.


There are four tennis courts, grounds for mini-golf, basket-ball, football, track, two indoors gyms, ten massage rooms for the lovers of sport and active rest. You can rent a bicycle to spend your time in the mountains. Various excursion routes go through medieval monasteries, famous breweries and other places of interest. At the distance of 5 km from the resort you can find a palace of Krka, if you are a lover of antique and luxurious things you should visit this one for sure.

There is no personnel speaking Russian within the resort area: all the assistance is done with the help of an interpreter.



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