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Our Love Nest in Bled

Author: Admin
City: Bled
Year of journey: 0
Type of rest: City/Resort


As pointed out in my book "Our Summer in Slovenia" ( each year my wife and I go to a different place in the world for the entire summer. In Slovenia we found an ideal place to live for three months in Bled. One picture shows the upstairs balcony of our full floor apartment and another is an interior pix. The car, a 1988 Honda was our rental for the summer, arranged with a Slovene who is in the business of used car rentals.

Very affordable. About 12$ a day, insurance and taxes included. Our love nest was terrific, our landloards the Ristic\'s lived on the floor below, and we could walk to everytthing. Lake Bled was enchanting. You would not believe what I paid for this arrangement for the entire summer. You too might try "The World Is Our Second Home."


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