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Information for tourists of Slovenia

What to buy in Slovenia

It is not doubted that Slovenia makes the warmest impressions on its guests. More than that, this relatively small country claims to be “the ideal place of living!” – cleanness, fresh air, luxurious alpine meadows and mountain landscapes, clear rivers...

With a dog to Slovenia

If you are thinking of having a vacation n Slovenia and still hesitate whether to take your pooch or not – don’t! Slovenians love dogs, it's a paradise for a pets. Dogs accompany their owners everywhere: for a walk, meeting with friends in a cafe or go

Traditional food of Slovenia

Local cuisine is under a considerable influence of the neighbouring countries’ cuisines: Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. Its basis is cereals, dairy products, meat (especially pork), sea and fresh-water fish, vegetables, beans, olives and....

Mentality and culture of Slovenia

The Slovenians being a part of the Slavic peoples are very outgoing and friendly. They are always eager to help and one shouldn’t hesitate asking them for help. They will listen to you and either give a good piece of advice or will ask someone else...

Airports of Slovenia

Adria Airways airlines have regular daily flights from Moscow to Ljubljana that last for 2.5 hours. Some airlines offer connecting flights with change of plane in different European....

Railway stations of Slovenia

There is a well developed railroad system in Slovenia with its center located in Ljubljana. The trains go to almost all regions of the country from Ljubljana...

Ferries of Slovenia

There are regular ferry services from Slovenian Piran city to Venice that have been operated since 2004. A catamaran called St.Paul accommodates 320 passengers (with 35 VIP-seats). Another ferry-catamaran Princess of Venice departs from Izola...

Car rent in Slovenia

One can easily rent a car in Slovenia. There is a big number of local and international car rent offices. If you want to rent a car you should show your driving license and pay for the insurance. One can also leave the money as a deposit which depends...

Bus service of Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country and most of the passenger transportation is enabled by motor transport and railroad transport. There are no domestic airlines in Slovenia....

Road taxes in Slovenia

After paying any of these charges one gets a vignette that is applied onto the wind screen. The vignette sticker contains information on its validity period. The vignettes are sold at petrol stations, stores and post offices. One should buy the vignette i

Telephone communication of Slovenia

The prefix for domestic calls (within the country) is 0 and it is to be dialed before the area code: 0 < area code/cell phone company code>-< telephone number>.

Internet Providers of Slovenia

Slovenian providers offer ADSL-, ADSL2+-, VDSL-, SHDSL-, VDSL2- и FTTH-Internet – accesses. Almost all the hotels in Slovenia provide Internet-access. This is either free wired internet connection in your hotel room, free wired internet connection at...

Useful information about Slovenia

Smoking and drinking alcohol in public places has been strictly prohibited in Slovenia since 2009. The fee for violation of this law is 125 EUR. Smoking is allowed in special places only. Such places are marked with the special signs.
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