Route calculation
Route calculation

Road taxes in Slovenia

Motorcyclists in Slovenia must pay a weekly toll (7.5 EUR), half-yearly toll (25 EUR) and a yearly toll (47.5 EUR).

Vehicles up to 3.5 tons should pay the following tolls:

Weekly toll -15 EUR

Monthly toll - 30 EUR

Yearly toll - 95 EUR

After paying any of these charges one gets a vignette that is applied onto the wind screen. The vignette sticker contains information on its validity period. The vignettes are sold at petrol stations, stores and post offices. One should buy the vignette in advance since the fine for driving without the vignette is about 300-800 EUR. It is important for the vignette sticker to be attached in the right way and onto a special place.




There are two main highways in Slovenia located perpendicularly to each other: Slovenika – goes from the Austrian and Hungarian borders (north-east of the country) to Italian border and Illirika – goes from the Austrian border (north-west) to the border with Croatia (south-east).




There is also a number of highways connecting Ljubljana with Kranj, Kozina and Zagreb. The highway network is pretty well developed in Slovenia but there are some places that lack the road signs.

The speed limits in Slovenia are 50 km/h in built up areas, 90 km/h outside built up areas, 110 km/h on dual carriageways and 130 km/h on motorways. One can pay the highway toll and Karavanka tunnel toll (that is around 5 EUR) to a road officer (there are no pay-stations). The main highways are controlled by the road police of Slovenia.

The local drivers have an aggressive manner of driving and the car accidents happen quite often here. All the cars must drive with the headlights on especially when moving at the mountain highway spirals.

Parking places are marked with blue lines (usually such parking lots are paid). A parking card can be purchased at service stations and at kiosks. The time of arrival and day of week must be filled in. The parking card is attached onto the wind screen.


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