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Smoking and drinking alcohol in public places has been strictly prohibited in Slovenia since 2009. The fee for violation of this law is 125 EUR. Smoking is allowed in special places only. Such places are marked with the special signs.



Tipping is becoming a custom in Slovenia. One will never notice any influence of the former Soviet regime. In all the cafes, bars and restaurants the staff is very polite and welcoming and you will feel like if you were the only guest in this place. Of course, they won’t mind being tipped at all. The tips at around 10% will be more than welcome.


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One shouldn’t get any special vaccination before going to Slovenia. However it is recommended that one should be vaccinated against typhoid, hydrophobia and common-source hepatitis.

Besides that one should get a medical insurance before going to Slovenia. All the medical services in Slovenia are to be paid for and in case your insurance doesn’t cover the overseas expenses you will have to pay for it in cash at the time of service. It is especially important if you are planning to go skiing. Then it is strongly recommended that you should be secured against accidents.


The quality of the drinking water in Slovenia is the best in Europe. The water comes from the springs and one can drink it without boiling.

When going to the woods, especially in spring, put on the pants, hats and clothes with long sleeves to protect yourself against mites. The southern forests are inhabited by bears and one must be very careful.



Slovenia is a true paradise for careful tourists. Slovenia’s overall crime rate is low and violent crimes are relatively uncommon. There is no social tension. Most crimes tend to be non-violent and directed towards obtaining personal property, such as purse snatching, pick-pocketing, and residential and vehicle break-ins. As contrasted with other European capitals Slovenia remains largely free of terrorist incidents.

The policemen recommend that visitors should take normal security precautions and report any incidents to the local police. To contact the police in the event of an emergency, dial 113. For medical emergencies, call 112.


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