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Railway stations of Slovenia

There is a well developed railroad system in Slovenia with its center located in Ljubljana. The trains go to almost all regions of the country from Ljubljana.

The best Slovenian train is a nonstop train called InterCity Slovenia (ICS) that goes “Maribor – Ljubljana” five times a day. The train “Maribor – Ljubljana – Koper” goes once a day. The price of the ticket for a ride from Ljubljana to Maribor is 2790 tolars (12 EUR) in B-class and 4570 tolars (about 19 EUR) in A-class. In order to go by ICS train one should book the tickets in advance (free booking).




At the weekends there is a special 30% discount for return tickets. One can also try the Eurodomino system that gives you an unlimited number of train rides during three days at a price of 47 EUR only. After the validity period is over each next day will cost you about 7-10 EUR. It does make sense to buy such a ticket if you are planning to visit many destinations and go there by train. One should also remember that Slovenia is a mountainous country and it is not always possible to reach all the destinations by train.




Railroad Station in Ljubljana

Adress: Trg OF 6 1000 Ljubljana

Telephone: ++386 1 291 33 32

Fax: ++386 1 291 29 23


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