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Education in Slovenia


Higher Education

There are three main higher education institutions in Slovenia: Ljubljana University, Maribor University and University of Primorska that enclose 44 departments. Besides that there is a great number of professional education colleges, art academies and 10 private universities.

The first level of university education.

In Slovenia the professional education programs are shorter than the academic ones. They last from 3 to 4 years. These programs are offered by professional colleges and some university departments. Here one can get a professional training in different fields of study. At the end of the study period the final exams are passed. The students get a Diploma in Engineering and a professional engineer degree. After graduation from college the students can either go into further academic studies or find a job in their field of study.




The second level of university education

The program of academic training for the second level of university education lasts from 4 to 6 years and ends with the compulsory final research paper defense. The students get a university diploma and a professional degree in one of the fields of study such as: Graduate of University, Graduate of Academy, Graduate Diploma in Engineering, University Lecturer, Doctor of Medicine etc. After graduation from university the students can either go into further training or find a job in their field of study.

The third level of university education

Here the programs of academic training give an opportunity to get a specialist qualification, Master of Natural or Humanitarian Sciences degree or Doctor of Natural or Humanitarian Sciences Degree.

A general admission requirement is the completion of a second-cycle study program or, in exceptional cases, a first-cycle study program combined with documental research or professional achievements. The programs take 1 to 2 years to complete and end with compulsory defense of the theses. The Philosophy Doctors who have successfully defended their theses get a specialist degree. The programs that require the preliminary completion of a second-cycle study program last for not less than 2 years and end with the compulsory thesis defense. The students who have successfully defended their theses get a Master of Natural of Humanitarian Sciences degree in their field of study. The doctoral training for the specialists lasts for four years and one can apply for the admission to these studies after completion of the second-cycle study program. At the end of doctoral studies they get a Doctor of Natural or Humanitarian Sciences degree in their field of study. The doctoral studies for the students with a magister degree last for two years.


ЕМВА Scholarship

EMBA business school celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2006 and today it is considered to be one of the leading educational institutions in Europe. The school is an international management expert center where the world famous professionals from the best European and American business-schools profess.

One can get a scholarship for 1or 2-year program Executive MBA. The scholarships are granted to the citizens of the following countries:

- citizens of some European Union countries (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia);

- citizens of some former Soviet Union Republics (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, Georgia);

- citizens of former Yugoslavian Republics (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia).

The scholarship covers from 20% to 50% of the total study expenses. The scholarship grant covers part of the study expenses and the amount of it depends on the competition terms that are different for each country and candidate’s competence. A candidate should have at least 3-year experience in the appropriate field of study and demonstrate outstanding professional, academic and/or personal achievements. All the applicants should have a good command of English.

The applicants who claim for the scholarship should fill in a special application form (check IEDC web site for the sample), complete a written letter of motivation and send it together with the other documents to EMBA Office.

The documents are to be sent to the following address:

Mateja Forstnaric, Head of EMBA Office.

Get more information at:




State Scholarships

The financial support for higher education is rendered by a public Scientific and Educational Foundation of Slovenia called Ad futura. Another source that manages scholarships awarded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia is Center for Mobility and European Programs (CMEPIUS).



Scholarships for Foreigners

The Government of Slovenia annually grants scholarships to students from the countries having bilateral agreements with Slovenia on exchange student programs. These are: Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, China, Mexico, Poland, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic.

Some scholarships are granted to applicants from the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain and Japan. The main goal of these scholarships is to support students from other countries who want to finish their education under the guidance of a Slovenian professor.

The priority is given to the citizens from the countries having signed bilateral mutually beneficial agreements on exchange student and scholarship programs with Slovenia.

The age of the applicants as of the time of the end of studies should not exceed 35 years.

The scholarship can be granted for the period from 3 to 10 months.

The scholarships are granted according to the fields of study present in the universities of Slovenia.

An applicant is granted a scholarship after the confirmation by one of the Slovenian universities.

In general the scholarships are granted to students who have already passed the basic university course and to research scientists who make their pre-diploma studies in Slovenia. The scholarships are not granted for the whole period of study ending with a degree conference and Slovenian language training courses. Besides that the scholarships do not cover study expenses.

The applicants should have a good command of Slovenian or other language approved by their research advisor or tutor.

The amount of the scholarship is 221 EUR per month (for students of the first-cycle study program - 201 EUR). The scholarship covers the following expenses:

- student dormitory (if a student needs a place at a dormitory)

- medical insurance for the students of non-EU countries or for the students coming from the countries having no bilateral agreement on medical insurance with Slovenia.

Submission of the Application

The candidates should call on the authorities of their country that are competent to collect the applications and to select and recommend candidatures. The list of nominated candidates of the competent authority of each country, together with complete application form in three (3) copies (one original and 2 copies) with accompanying annexes are to be sent to the Slovenian National Agency - CMEPIUS.




«Ad futura».

Ad futura foundation was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in order to support international exchange student and research programs. Ad futura distributes scholarships, issues study loans, accommodation loans and other kinds of financial support. The foundation cooperates with the following categories of applicants:

- Slovenian students (applicants for post-graduate and university programs abroad) and foreign students (applicants for post-graduate study programs at Slovenian universities);

- Slovenian research scientists (applicants for research programs abroad), foreign research scientists (applicants for collaborative programs together with their Slovenian colleagues) and with Slovenian research scientists working temporarily abroad (applicants for participation in Slovenian research programs and conferences);

- foreign bachelor students (studying at international Bachelor programs in Slovenia).

For the detailed information on scholarships and grants check Ad futura web site:


Slovenian language courses for foreigners

The Center of Slovenian as a Second/Foreign language extends understanding of the Slovenian language, literature and culture on an international scale. The center operates different study programs for foreign students. Language courses have different length (20 – 560 hours) and various goals and intensity. The most popular courses combine Slovenian language studies with studies devoted to social life and culture of modern Slovenia. Summer, winter and all-year-round courses attract foreign students from different countries. The center holds courses for foreign lecturers of Slovenian language and courses on language training.

The scholarships are mainly granted to teachers of Slovenian and Russian languages. For more detailed information check the Center web site:


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